Volvo To Concentrate On All-Electric Cars by 2019

Volvo expects to up its global sales by 10 per cent in 2020 as the car company moves to make electric cars in the future. The carmaker states that they will be manufacturing hybrid and electric vehicles and will be made available by 2019.

Volvo Cars President Hakan Samuelsson deep-rooted that the company believes that it is time for electric automobiles to rise in the mainstream. Confident enough, they estimate an increase in electric car sales by 2020, as the carmaker launches its hybrid XC90 SUV plug-in version.

Volvo's XC90 SUV will be out in 2016 as its first hybrid plug-in automobile. After this release, the carmaker plans to introduce hybrid plug-ins of the S90 sedan and other vehicles on its list. And after, it will also release a line-up of smaller cars in the hybrid plug-in variety. Volvo plans to go all-electric by 2019.

Without any details, specifications, or pricing with regard to the electric and hybrid vehicles Volvo has foretold, this declaration makes it clear that the Swedish car manufacturer has deep investments in electric-powered cars. The company indicates its enthusiasm to move away from gas-guzzling vehicles or at least expand its products and car categories to meet the demands of its consumers.

China's Zhejiang Geely Holding Group says that Volvo learned a lot about electric cars by researching how Geely's customers have used the lineup of its plug-in cars. The research has also demonstrated that Geely's consumers are using twin-engine cars in electric state 50 per cent at the time. This means that hybrid plug-ins are already offering an alternative to traditional Powertrain structures.

With this in mind, Volvo has realized that price versus profit for electric cars are positive. Also, batteries for electric cars have improved over the past years. Expense for electric car batteries are going down. Also, acceptance of electric and hybrid cars are not a question anymore.

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