Yahoo Plans To Get MLG

Yahoo Inc. has been in talks with Major League Gaming with regard to broadcasting electronic sports competitions. This move is in accordance with the rapidly increasing number of businesses who would like to capitalize in the realm of electronic sports.

Major League Gaming is an electronic sports organization based in New York. The e-sport firm are now in sales talks with tech hulk Yahoo with regards to broadcasting fantasy e-sports, with Counter-Strike: Global Offensive as the main topic of the said dealings. Deliberations of the two firms are almost complete.

MLG has already been making future plans especially with regards to CS: GO. The dealings with Yahoo should come to a closure at the end of this year.

Established in 2002, MLG has been one of the pioneers in electronic sports in the North American region. They are very well known for broadcasting fantasy e-sports like Call of Duty and Halo competitions.

As electronic sports becoming popular, MLG moved to another level by branching out to PC games in 2008 broadcasting World of Warcraft competitions. The company continued their rise as they broadcasted competitions in StarCraft 2. In 2010, MLG became much more popular when they hosted and broadcasted e-sports competitions on Defense of the Ancients 2 and League of Legends.

In most recent times, MLG publicized that they will be broadcasting competitions for Xbox One's Smite. The tournament already started last August.

Regardless of MLG been serving a number of different spectators, they had to rely on their venture capital. In 2006, Oak Investment Partners gave MLG a capital of US$69 million, which the company is making efforts to make that capital flourish through broadcasting e-sports competitions.

MLG President and Co-Founder Mike Sepso states that 2016 will be a full year that MLG will become profitable. With the partnership with Yahoo on e-games hosting and broadcasting, next year will be a good business year for MLG.

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