Scoot Previews Electric Four-Wheel Drive

Scoot unveils an electric scooter available in the streets of San Francisco also known as the Quad. Partnering with Nissan, the startup company has opened a rent-a-Quad network for US$80 a day.

The San Francisco-based electric scooter ride share network Scoot has teamed up with Nissan to construct a two-seater four-wheel enclosed vehicle known as the Quad and has introduced it to the busy streets of San Francisco, CA. Scoot members can opt to rent one of these cute little rides to get them anywhere in the Golden State.

The Scoot Quad is an all-electric vehicle. With a smartphone paired with the Quad, people can use their devices to power it up and get on the go.

For now, only 10 of these cute cars will be hitting the roads. This is a small number compared to some of the network's available scooters. Scoot Vice President Mike Waltman stated that this is only the beginning, as Nissan and Scoot are still testing the Quads.

Executive Director Rachel Nguyen of Nissan Future Lab stated that as cities continue to transform to megacities, people need to comprehend how transport systems are changing. People need to anticipate and look ahead what transport systems would look like in the future.

Introducing the LEAF in 2010 at the Golden State, Nissan is very familiar with the electric cars category. Hand in hand with Scoot, they will be evaluating the different modes of electric transportation in other busy cities in the United States. This will also benefit Scoot as its members will grow.

The Scoot Cargo is a scooter with a large carrying capability able to haul in items on its back. Like the scooter, the Quad can also haul items. But unlike the scooter, the Quad is able to carry heavier loads when compared, plus it can also carry an extra passenger on the way.

Scoot reiterated that people cannot park the Quad like a scooter, as it is treated like a small car where there are designated parking areas for it. To avail the electric car, a person should need to rent it at a Scoot Network and rent fares from US$16 an hour to US$80 a day.

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