Waze Makes Big Updates Since Google Acquisition

Waze has recently announced that the app will be having major updates. Since Google's acquisition, the mapping firm will be redesigning the app to version 4.0 that will offer more map visibility and clarity, with it is a long list of new and added features and characteristics.

Being owned by the search engine hulk, Waze has publicized to have big updates. Its version 4.0 is redesigned like a Sims 4 map, giving it a cartoon feel. The simplistic feel of the app also gives its users more map clarity and visibility. Also, cartoon-like alerts will be popping out from time to time like traffic updates that offer a great deal -- from information to other details.

Waze version 4.0 will be first introduced on the iOS that will also be followed by an Android update. The single-tap direction-finding feature allows the app users to set regular destinations to its maps like home, school, work and even the nearest fast food chain. Destinations will be located in a folder along with certain alerts and events. Google calendar integration to Waze is also another option to let users encode time, dates and routes -- keeping in mind that all those details can be scheduled in the app.

Waze alerts can be more helpful while you are on the road as it can inform its users for any road obstacles such as police barricades, road obstructions, traffic jams or any cause of delays that you may encounter. With a quick tap on the app, users can confirm whether or not the update is still appropriate. Likewise, users can delete the update when it is no longer relevant, according to TNW News

Alerts have been made very simple for the app. Users can also describe an alert situation with one tap on the app. Also, users can incorporate pictures on the alerts, comment on it and opt if it is a major or minor road situation.

Users of the app also earn points confirming, updating and adding local area alerts. Waze points do not have any monetary credit, but the top users of the app will be crowned as Royalty, Knight, Warrior and Grown-up -- according to the users' levels. 

Also in the recent update, Waze users can send their ETA's to family or friends. This details how far or near they are to their points of destination. Also, app users will be able to double check alerts of their routes -- enabling them to change to an alternative route if there would be traffic or major accidents on their original routes.

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