Polar Fitness Tracker Monitors Heart Rate

As the technology for monitoring heart rates have vastly improved, it has become a must-have for a lot of fitness wearables. Polar, a company known for its chest-worn heart rate devices, has also come up with a smartwatch-like fitness tracker.

Fitness trackers have been very popular for the health-conscious society. More than any other heart-rate monitoring companies that created and designed fitness wearables, Polar has made a name of its own in the fitness category and has a little to lose with its launch of its very own fitness heart rate tracking device.

With the release of the Polar A360, the company has taken a turn to adopt strapless heart rate monitoring. Although it has gone through an ordeal of criticisms and feedbacks, it is still deemed wise to say that its wearable version is better compared to other similar devices out in the market.

The Polar A360 that just popped up recently in the fitness wearables category would be the cutest fitness tracker users will surely notice. The rectangular LCD coloured display of the device is taller, compared to wider versions out in the market like the second generation Microsoft Band and the TalkBand B2 of Huawei's.

The Polar Fitness Tracker displays time as vertically displaying the user's vital signs. This feature sets it apart from other fitness wearables out on display. The device can monitor its user's daily activities such as calories, workouts, steps, naps and sleep with regard to heart rates.

With a single charge, the Polar A360 promises to last for two weeks. It can monitor the user's heart rate during fitness sessions or simply the daily activities. A thing to consider in keeping its battery life that long is to not add or install apps for continuous heart rate monitoring. The fitness tracker will only watch user's heart rates during workouts and other vigorous activities such as running or walking in a hurry.

GPS is not included in Polar's fitness tracker versions. Although, it would be a good additional feature for running enthusiasts to measure running distance, with a little bit of extra-added value on the said device.

The Polar Fitness Trackers will be out in November at a price of US$199. Though twice as much as compared to Loop 2, this could cause a struggle for Polar to do well in the fitness wearables variety.

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