EE Debuts Robin Tablet Designed For Kids

EE has launched a new tablet that is especially designed for kids. The Robin tablet includes a built-in children's entertainment with parental control features that restrict Internet access.

EE's new Robin Tablet comes with a security program called Kurio, according to Engadget. This program is a parental control setting that runs on most child-oriented tablets in the market. A must-have for children-specific android tablets, this operating system filters unsuitable and harmful content that can be accidentally accessed by kids through the internet.

The British mobile network's mission for the Robin tablet is to give the parents their well-deserved peace of mind by giving them the capability to easily restrict and monitor their child's Internet usage through the Kurio system. The tablet, being child-friendly, fulfills the increasing demands for gadgetry to the young and new generation.

ICM Unlimited has concluded in their latest research that a lot of parents consider buying technological gadgetry to their kids such as smartphones for the "not-so-old" kids and tablets for the younger ones. Apparently, parents also show their love for their children by way of technology, either by playing games with them on consoles, doing activities with the kids on their tablets, or communicating with them through available communications media, Skype for example.

Parents of the new generation alike know that their children love to use technology more than anything, especially the little ones who love to swipe anything on tablet screens and seem to like getting whatever they want in a matter of a few clicks.

EE's Robin tablet permits the kids to experience and enjoy these things with a little e-learning on the sides. With the United Kingdom's fastest 4G network provider, the device was created to give the parents equanimity that their children are protected when using the internet or downloading games for their devices as its Kurio software protects them from any harmful content.

Slash Gear reported that the Robin tablets come along with a Hopster TV subscription as well as other apps and games pre-installed on the device -- all these can be enjoyed and explored by the kids aged two to six. The said tablet will be released before the end of October.

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