ePint: The New Smart Pint Glass Can Trace Beer Intake

Unlike the ordinary smart cups out in the market, the ePint smart mug tracks the user's beer intake. Paired with a smartphone, the ePint has a variety of "weird" technology featured and designed in it. 

Crowdfunding sites like Kickstarter and Indiegogo help sell old-fashioned smart cups and smart mugs a dozen at a dime. Normally, folks would not even bother if something like this goes out in public, as it seemed irrelevant. However, Kickstarter has been promoting a new smart mug known as ePint, which actually promises to be a fresh take on the smart cup idea that recently nobody cared about.

At a glance, the mug just looks like any other mug. Thus, it is a totally different story when its light turns on. Its indicative LEDs tell the story of how and when it is used.

Looking pretty much like one would imagine from a smart cup, the ePint comes with a set of standard technology specifications. Built inside the bottom of the smart mug, there is a low energy Bluetooth transceiver that permits connectivity between a tablet or a smartphone and the mug. With it, there is a weight sensor that tracks how much liquid is inside the mug, accelerators and a set of LED lights that changes colour to indicate content and blinks when the mug is empty.

Nevertheless, the ePint smart mug brags some fairly "weird" technology within it, as its creators have leveled up the smart cup technology in a variety of ways on its usage. Its characteristics offer a completely different and fresh idea unlike any other smart cups before in its set.

While other smart cups offer sorts like reminders on hydration, or what type of beverage is on it, the ePint's goal is to give its users a fun time using it. Using data from its application, the ePint can find out what program or event the user is watching. More so, it would even light up when his favourite sporting teams get a score against their opponents.

Likewise, the mug again lights up when it is empty -- keeping track of how many drinks the users have consumed. When it is time to hit the road and the users is feeling kind of tipsy, the mug will even suggest and get the user a cab ride home with just a click of a button.

Unfortunately, the ePint is still under development and is not yet available anywhere. The designers are already in talks with Kickstarter to raise funds for the production of this technology. If all goes well with the crowdfunding scheme, the ePint smart mug could be available by April next year.

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