Misfit Gears Up The Shine 2

By Paul Pajarillo , Oct 22, 2015 06:46 PM EDT

Misfit Wearables announces its heir to the Shine activity tracker, the Shine 2. Though its updates are superficial in nature, the smartwatch does not require charging as it is powered by a coin battery that can last up to six months.

The Shine activity tracker was the first product released by Misfit for the wearables category. It was a lightweight, bracelet-like activity tracker with a less-expensive flash tracker.

At present, the wearables company has made public its new Shine 2 activity tracker. It comprises of an aluminium disk that goes on the rubber band that wraps around the user's wrist. Unlike its predecessor, the wearable is available in carbon black and rose gold colours.

The fitness trackers are slimmer to the previous Shine smartwatch. It has LEDs that light up to notify its users. Compared to Shine, the newest version of the tracker lights up with different shades and different patterns for different notification types like calorie alerts or even if it is time for the user to stand up if he or she has been sitting too long.

The new Shine 2 features a vibrate mode for notifications, a standard tri-axis accelerometer, and a new feature called the magnetometer. Meaning, the wearable has something more to offer than other fitness trackers out in the market, as it can also be a wrist alarm to wake the user up in the morning, notifies you to rest for a bit and even warn you to slow down if the heart rate is beating fast. Also, its magnetometer will give a great deal of accuracy as to the user's posture or movements.

The Shine 2 comes with Bluetooth 4.0, a much faster way to synchronize data from the Misfit mobile app, Misfit Link, where all of the user's information are stored.

Although Misfit is not popular in the United States, the wearables company is known for being stylish. Aside from the coin-powered batteries, Shine 2 is also waterproof, making it a useable fitness tracker when swimming, a characteristic not to be found in any other smartwatches or fitness trackers available.

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