YouTube Red Is An Ad-Free Subscription

Video-sharing website YouTube has publicized a new service that eliminates advertisements. YouTube Red, a paid subscription that will offer no commercials, original movies, and offline music streaming is said to launch on Oct. 28 in the United States.

Owned by search engine hulk Google, YouTube has made public its new subscription provision. Boasting more than a billion worldwide users on its platform, the video-sharing site also announced its plans for expansion to music and movies that would have no commercial breaks unlike the free version of the site. A little bit of enticement for the subscribers as the video service colossus taps its potentials.

YouTube Red, the new paid subscription provision, will start in the United States on Oct. 28 at a price of US$9.99 monthly. This provision also permits its users to save movies and save music and play it later, even if the users' devices have no Internet connectivity.

There is no need to worry as the original website will still remain free. Although some commercials are really starting to bother some users since they continually pop up in most videos.

The paid subscription service marks Google's evolution and its yearning to give the people an option between a free service and a paid provision.

Originally, YouTube was created by three young entrepreneurs. They made the site to swap and share theirs and their friends' clips, which eventually made noise as the service was being used by other people as well. Being a startup, Google bought the website for $1.65 billion back in 2006. Now, YouTube ranks third on the most visited site in the whole world besides Facebook and Google.

The video-sharing website also publicized its new YouTube Music app. The app hopes to draw attention from music lovers amidst the  growing music streaming industry. Though notorious for its range of videos, the app functions as a music player providing recording artists a provision to display their work.

Although Spotify still remains at the top when it comes to music streaming, startups like Tidal and Apple Music have been toe to toe in the streaming industry. Subscribers of Google Play Music will automatically receive YouTube Red. And in hopes to get more subscribers, the provision will be debuting exclusive movies and series, an unavailable service compared to its competition.

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