iRobot Launches Roomba Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Several years past, the iRobot Corporation combined robots and vacuum cleaners together to clean up people's houses. At present, the company releases its Roomba 980, the smartest home-cleaning robot-like gadget ever released to date.

No one likes cleaning their houses, more specifically vacuuming. But everybody likes the idea of robots cleaning for people. An American Company known as iRobot has designed gadgetries like this some 13 years ago. It conceptualized making a vacuum cleaner like a robot cleaning people's houses autonomously.

The company well-known for its robot-like vacuum cleaners has unveiled its new model known as the Roomba 980. The new vacuum cleaner is tagged by the company to be the smartest house-cleaning machinery ever to be released in the market. With a press of a button, the robot uses its low-resolution built-in camera with its enhanced sensors to efficiently map out floor areas remembering also where it has cleaned up already. Occasionally it would still knock itself on house walls but it does avoid moving around quite randomly as compared to the company's prior vacuuming sets.

Also, a new feature of the robot vacuum cleaner, there is a Wi-Fi support that comes with its home application for smartphones and tablets. With connectivity, owners of the Roomba can turn it off and on wherever they feel their floors are all dusty, making it an official gadgetry for smart homes. This feature can be pretty convenient to many folks, but also could lead to a high point of laziness as a downside. Also, scheduled tasks can be programmed to the cleaner to when and where it will start vacuuming in people's homes.

Beyond that, the company deep-rooted that the vacuuming robot can last up to two hours, then automatically returning to its charging station before heading back out to clean again. A "carpet boost" feature is another exception for this gadget as it ramps up its motors to suck more dust and dirt out of people's carpets, doormats and even rugs.

The Roomba 980 comes at the price of $899, which is probably a main concern as it does not come cheap. Still, it is a price worth to pay for a robot to clean people's houses every day. Also, other brands of the robot vacuum cleaner like the previous 880 model will be on sale at the price of $700, along other previous versions that cost lesser.

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