BeON Smart Bulbs Pick Up People's Routines

An effective way to protect houses is to make burglars realize that the owners are there. With the BeON LED smart bulbs, people can turn their lights on and off even if they are away either for just a short period of time or a very long vacation trip.

Homes are left unguarded when the people living there are out either at school, at work or even on vacations. Instead of bickering timers or light schedulers, even asking a neighbor to stop by and check for them, the BeON smart lights pick up routines of the people living in the house, automatically turning the lights off and on while they are away.

BeON is not the only smart bulb available in the market to date, but to have its success as a latecomer in the industry of smart lights, it has to require a unique set of features that its rival do not offer, which is what its developers have under their sleeves.

The most convincing method to change home lighting to BeON is that these smart lights learn when its masters are away without programming. Either it be daily, weekly, or even monthly, the lights will know when they will be turned off or on as people use them.

If the family will be gone for a long period like going on a vacation for a week or even a month, the users can notify the lighting system by using a smart app. This app can be used by its users to the lights either off or on, such a way for their neighbors to believe they are inside the house or that somebody is there until they get back.

The smart LED bulbs can be placed on a standard receptacle. Each bulb can yield 800 lumens, nearly equivalent to an incandescent bulb with 60 watts. Each smart light has a removable component that enables its smart characteristics. Built inside each bulb is a backup battery. In case of a power outage or a fire emergency, the lights would turn on so as not to leave their masters blind in the dark or light up a fire escape.

BeON started its project with Kickstarter last year and is now available in stores. A starter set sells at $200, which includes three smart bulbs. Additional bulbs price at $75 each, a small price to pay for an eco-friendly household.

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