Microsoft Targets Gamers With A GeForced-Powered Base Model Surface Book

The Surface Book is definitely an impressive powerhouse - Microsoft's first ultrabook has been the attention as of late in the world of computing as it contains the DNA of a supercharged desktop with its Skylake CPUs, while featuring a super portable hybrid form factor. Now, to please the gamers, Microsoft has sneakily added an NVIDIA GeForce graphics card to the starting version of the Surface Book.

The new version of the Surface Book base model features an NVIDIA GeForce graphics card instead of an onboard solution that comes integrated with the Intel Core processor. While this may jack up the price to an extent, it does deliver beastly performance that power users would need for AAA titles and intensive programs. The GeForce option was first only available on higher-specced Surface Book versions, and the addition of the option to the base model would prove to be a welcomed addition for those who require performance and portability without going for the high-end models. However, Microsoft has not yet specified which GeForce chip it would be.

This version of the Surface Book features 8 GB of RAM and 128 GB of SSD storage. It costs about USD $1,699, which makes it about $200 more expensive than what it originally was. According to reports, this version will be released on Monday, but it would not be available for pre-orders.

Microsoft tags the Surface Book as the ultimate laptop. It features a detachable keyboard, a 13.5-inch touchscreen display with PixelSenseTM and a sharp resolution of 3000 x 2000, Intel's Skylake processors, the versatility of a hybrid tablet and the newest features of Windows 10. While that may come off as bold and ambitious words by Redmond, the hardware and software of the Surface Book can back it up. Those who are interested in claiming one for themselves can purchase the Surface Book starting at USD $1,499, and those who want the topshelf model will have to dish out USD $3,199.00.

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