Sony RX1r II Pocket-Sized Camera Has 42 Megapixels

The RX1r II from Sony is pocket-sized camera users get when they put some of the most innovative camera sensor technology in the smallest form possible. Armed with 42 megapixels, this camera is a formidable and luxurious tool for taking pictures.

At the time when Sony's RX1 camera was unveiled to the public, people were not sure for a compact camera with a $3,000 price tag. For most, it was out of their reach. But clearly, this pocket-sized device shone the brightest when taking extremely high quality images.

The RX1r II looks a lot like its predecessor but even pricier with its $3,300 tag. With an extra dollar, it comes with a few new features that makes it even better than before. The 42 MP is at the top of its list, similar to the A7r II, which folks are very mesmerized with. Also, it has a new OLED pop-up viewfinder, which makes the camera look cool when compared to others. The rear LCD tilts which is an improvement of the original's complete flat display. Inside of the camera is a Bionz X processor and an autofocus system 399-point hybrid. The lens on the new camera is a 35 mm f2 Zeiss lens, the same as the others.

A lot of people have seen a camera like this and are wondering why they would pay so much for a non-interchangeable lens. For one reason, the elements of the camera must pair with the body and sensor. In addition, this device was precisely designed for its well-honed optics. It can capture images from corner to corner with very sharp results. Something very unique about it is that is has an optical low-pass filter variable.

In high-resolution cameras, certain fine details can be distorted in strange ways. To alleviate the distortions, most cameras have low-pass filters to eliminate the slightest of blurs when taking pictures. The RX1r II with its OLPF enables users to switch the filter on and off, allowing them to choose levels of strength upon usage.

The RX1r Mark II comes at an expensive $3,300 price tag. Some might well say that this camera is only for the rich people who have money at their disposal. But for those folks who see an absolute need for a small camera equipped with the finest of qualities, this sure will do the job done.

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