Amazon's Echo Gives Yelp Results

Amazon Echo has now integrated Yelp search results. People can now ask digital assistant Alexa and inquire about the best local restaurants in town and she will be able to let people know about the establishments' Yelp star ratings that they are considering.

Coming from Yelp, people can now ask for Echo app for local business information as the integration has already been done. Alexa, Echo's digital assistant, will let people know the details of their selected local establishments like hotels, restaurants and even nearby gas stations. To get things started, go to the Alexa app settings menu, select and enable it, and from there, the digital assistant is at people's services.

Other possible inquiries that people can ask the digital assistant are specific themes, like nearby Chinese or Japanese restaurants. Once the assistant locates the place, it can also inquire even more specific details of the establishment like its work hours, address or a phone number for delivery services.

Other updates that have been integrated to the Amazon Echo include sports updates. People can now ask the digital assistant for up-to-date statistics about their preferred sports teams like game schedules, team statistics, season standingsand in-game scores. On the other hand, people should first notify Alexa as to which teams they are following closely. This can be done with Alexa's configurations.

Also in the recent integration, Amazon incorporated sleep timers for Echo. This was done as an added feature just in case people want their devices to face down slowly for their podcasts or streaming music. In addition, Echo can now be integrated with its existing SmartThings and Insteon hubs for users to have the ability to control some of their smart devices at home simply by bothering Alexa.

As part of the Yelp integration, users can take advantage of IFTTT triggers that come with it that allows their devices to have an action trigger if a timer or an alarm goes off.

The update that Amazon had integrated may have been somewhat a rocky start. But steady updates like this comes in handy for a lot of people using the device. The update for Yelp on Alexa has already been publicized, and Echo devices should already have it preinstalled.

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