PicoBrew Promises Craft Beer At Home

A few years ago, PicoBrew made a $2,000 device that makes beer called the Zymatic. From that concept, they redeveloped the tech and unveils the Pico but is half the size and at an affordable price.

The PicoBrew Company started a few years ago with its aims of creating a microbrewing system that is compact, easy to use, complete and can be owned by anyone and can make beer anytime. The concept turned out to be a $2,000 piece of gadgetry that automates the process of brewing beer known as the Zymatic. Also, this device permits its owners to experiment on beer ingredients, making it customized.  

However, the prototype was an expensive and bulky device, and people still needed to mix in the right amount of yeast and grains into the device to make themselves their alcoholic beverages. Also, it takes a few weeks to ferment the beer in the device.

With this in mind, PicoBrew had help from crowdfunding site Kickstarter to campaign its latest device, the Pico. Similar to its predecessor, it is an automated microbrewing system but is quarter of the price of the first machine and also half of its size. The aim of the Pico is to process beer using PicoPaks to make the mixing much easier, like brewing coffee on Keurig devices.

Along with it, PicoBrew made PicoPaks known as PicoEach. The packs contain the right amount of beer ingredients like hops and barley and other beer ingredients to brew beer. All that is left to do is for people to slide in the ingredients into the Pico machines and brewing is all set to go.

A bunch of brew masters and breweries have already partnered with PicoBrew. Among the famous names are Dieu du Ciel, Rogue and Dogfish Head, allowing the company to develop such packs available for release. This could also mean that those well-known breweries are making some extra profits with their names included in the PicoPaks that PicoBrew distributes for their new device. Compared to Zymatic's brewing process of five hours, the Pico only takes two hours to process beer. Although, a week or two is still needed for the fermentation process.

The development of the PicoPaks looked well thought off, and the promise of brewing beer like Dogfish Head's in people's very own homes is very mouthwatering for beer enthusiasts. If Kickstarter's campaign for the device all goes well, Picos will be out and ready in springtime 2016.

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