Apple Is Growing In China

China gives many businesses opportunities to expand their market, what with the country reaching great economic growth over the years. Large-scale international businesses naturally want to establish a market in the country as well and are taking measures to be able to do just that. Apple may just be the best-known name in the tech and gadgets industry. And to the company, China is important.

So how is the tech giant faring in the country? Back in August Tim Cook said, "I get updates on our performance in China every day, including this morning, and I can tell you that we have continued to experience strong growth for our business in China through July and August." In the launch of iPhone 6S, for the first time, Apple has included China as one of the countries in which the device has debuted during the launching weekend.

China has said to have accounted for a couple of million units sold during the launching weekend for the new iPhone, contributing to the record-breaking 13 million units sold in the first weekend of the release. Previous iPhone releases in which the country has not been included have brought Apple 10 million sold units during the launching week, so it can be seen why China really matters to the company. A Financial Review report also points out that China is Apple's fastest growing market.

The report indicated that in the last quarter, Apple sales in China have increased by 120 percent from the previous year. Apple has garnered a 15 percent increase in sales in the American regions. Among China's 1.4 billion residents, many also do not have smartphones - which is probably why Apple is working to have the iPhone cater to the Chinese market, also launching it in the country on the day of its release.

Apple CEO Tim Cook has even admitted that the company decided to sell gold-colored iPhones because gold is popular in China. Apple is not the only name keen on making a bigger name in China. Google has recently invested in Chinese startup Mobvoi, which brings Android Wear to the country. Facebook is also working to get the social network into the country. How has China changed Apple? While Apple claims that it is for the better, that may still leave much to be seen. 

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