TalkTalk Cyberattack Updates: What Affected Customers Should Do

TalkTalk, a mobile and broadband service provider from the United Kingdom has recently been hacked. The cyberattack has resulted into serious data theft. Information stolen have included customers' names, birthdays, contact details, TalkTalk account information and banking details, among others. TalkTalk has over four million customers in the country, and while the company has claimed that the amount of information stolen was less than it has feared, it is important for customers to take measures to ensure the safety of their accounts.

For TalkTalk customers who have been affected by the attack, the company has said that it has sent out emails to every customer, and TalkTalk suggests each to monitor his own account for any suspicious activity. Updating passwords has also been recommended by the firm, which said in a previous report that it is working with the Metropolitan police and the Information Commissioner's Office in the ongoing investigation of the incident.

Experts have also shared some important notes to avoid being victimized by the hack. Daniel Dresner of the University of Manchester suggested that customers be wary of scam calls. To do this, he suggests that they think of the information being asked by the caller. "If you're talking to somebody, think whether what you are saying is exactly the kind of information which would open up your bank account," Dresner told BBC. It is also advised to ask for a reference number and to call TalkTalk at least five minutes after to verify if the call is genuine. 

David Emm from Kaspersky Labs cautions customers from bogus emails with suspicious links. If the link is unfamiliar, Emm said it is best to not click them to avoid risks of having account details stolen. Emm said, "it's always better to type the website address manually, to avoid the risk of being redirected to a phishing site." Monitoring bank accounts and not reusing passwords are also strong recommendations, but if customers really want to feel safe, it may be best for them to leave TalkTalk. The company has reported three cyberattacks over the past 12 months.

A teenager has been reported to have been taken under police custody in relation to the incident. The arrest has been made on Monday, but the boy has been released on bail the following day. The boy's mother declined to comment about the arrest, which neighbors said left the mother and son shocked. TalkTalk has launched a criminal investigation on Tuesday. 

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