Acura's New NSX Is A Hybrid Supercar

The original Acura NSX redefined supercars with the combination of style and performance 25 years ago. A decade after, the carmaker will be launching a new model of the NSX that gets its power through electricity.

Acura was Honda's U.S. counterpart some 25 years ago, which brought the NSX to Western shores. The car redefined the term supercars with its weird body style and how the car was used for competitions. A decade after the name disappeared, the car company will be launching a new model of the NSX again redefining supercars in a whole new way.

The NSX concept was first previewed back in 2012. At the 2015 Detroit Motor Show last January, plans for its production was publicized and its hybrid powertrain was an eye-catcher. With its very long development period, it debuted a familiar sharp body style but powertrain details have been undisclosed until recently.

The new car features a 573 horsepower that can go at top speeds of up to 191 miles per hour. Its 406 pound-feet torque comes from the turbocharged mid-mounted V-6, 3.5-L engine. The engine works with three electric motors with a dual-clutch nine-speed transmission.

The carmaker deep-rooted that the electric motors located between the car's transmission and engine will power its rear wheels, add engine breaks and provide smooth gear shifts. Also, they will provide acceleration especially at speeds below 40.

The carmaker states the response along its electric motors permits the car "super handling" as it is dubbed as an all-wheel drive. This arrangement makes the car feel more responsive as its movements can be precisely controlled. However, the car is a bit heavy despite a fair amount of lightweight materials used for the car because of its electric motors and a battery-powered engine.

Acura's 2017 NSX model will be manufactured at Honda's Performance Center in Marysville. The V6 engine will be coming from Anna, OH. Fuel ratings, pricing and other details will be unveiled before the car goes out for public consumption.

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