Facebook Employees To Experience 2G On Tuesdays

Browsing on a slow 2G network system can be such a hassle as the world is becoming internet-dependent. Facebook employees are about to experience this first hand as the company implements it's "2G Tuesdays."

A person can easily lose coolness given a slow internet connection as business, transactions and other internet-dependent information such as home works and researches rely on connection speed and availability. Employees at social network site Facebook are about to experience firsthand this kind of connection speed to help them understand what it is like and for them to further enhance their service even in conditions slower than 2G networks.

Dubbed as 2G Tuesdays, this initiative launched by the social network site was for their workforce to better understand the experience and making comparisons with 3G, 4G and 5G network systems. As part of the initiative, every Tuesday the workforce will be experiencing 2G connections in an effort to build the best Facebook experience around the world with slow and poor internet connections.

The social network says that a lot of people in developing markets are going online at a very astounding rate. More often, these people only use packet data via the 2G network systems. It can take about two to five minutes downloading a single webpage on connections lower than 2G, and Facebook wants its people to understand the predicament so that their team can develop better products for people using such connections.

The initiative comes right after the social network site released a mobile app known as Facebook Lite. The app uses less data and runs smoothly on slow and poor network conditions. The app was especially designed for areas all over the world with poor network connections.

This month earlier, prioritizing news feeds based on connection was done by Facebook. People who have access to 4G and 5G networks can see everything from high-quality pictures to HD videos. For those who do not have access, links and status updates will be the turnout.

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