Kickstarter Helps Crowdfund 'Dragon's Lair' Movie

Kickstarter is making a crowdfunding campaign to produce a movie based on a 1980s video game. The classic arcade game "Dragon's Lair" is said to be produced by legendary animators who have raised funds up to $550,000 for the project to kick off.

The animators behind "Titan A.E." are in full hopes of bringing the "Dragon's Lair" classic arcade game into the silver screen. Animation legends like Gary Goldman and Don Bluth already raised a large amount of money for the said project to move forward. Bluth and Goldman are known for their animation success hits like "All Dogs Go To Heaven," "An American Tail," and Steven Spielberg's "The Land Before Time." Even before having Kickstarter's help on crowdfunding, the animators themselves have talked it out with backers and have already raised $61,000 for the said project. The project still has at least 29 more days to go to get crowdfunded.

"Dragon's Lair" was created in 1983 and made its mark by being the first laser disc game ever produced. Cell animation was also the first of its kind introduced in a game, which gave it a motion picture-like appeal. The players guided the game's hero Dirk the Daring on a mission to save Princess Daphne through a castle filled with fire-breathing dragons.

Goldman and Bluth deep-rooted that the game's enthusiasts have been asking them to make a movie about it. Just like the game's hero that just would not die, the game continues. To sum it all up, they think that it is about time to make the movie.

Animated movies are expensive, time-consuming, and there would be a lot of compromises, especially with investors and studio issues. But crowdfunding like Kickstarter's expertise makes a big difference as it makes game developers and independent movie makers' life less stressful when it comes to money matters allowing them to move forward.

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