Google And ASUS Launch New Router

By Paul Pajarillo , Oct 29, 2015 12:44 AM EDT

Google has previously launched its OnHub router back in August in attempts to make router usage easy and to provide better Wi-Fi connectivity. At present, the company is now introducing its second OnHub router but this time is in tandem with ASUS.

The first OnHub router made by Google was introduced to the public not more than two months ago. In partnership with ASUS, the search tech giant has unveiled a second installment to the router series with the same goals as its predecessor but has some new features on it.

One of the odd features about the new router is that users can "wave" their hands over the router to make priority Wi-Fi connections to a specified device. It also is able to opt out the best transceivers to send Wi-Fi depending to the device's locations. In addition, the new router will be making available all the features of the TP-Link-made original OnHub.

The Google-ASUS OnHub routers are meant to be placed in open spaces rather than in closed and confined areas. Obstructions like walls or roof decks hav3 an impact on Wi-Fi signals that make them weak. Such that if a router can be like in the middle of a table located in the middle of a house, connectivity would be much better.

In order to do that, the design of the router should be appealing. If it were to be the typical box-like routers, people would just want and try to hide it as somebody might tinker on it. Still, there would be some limitations with regard to router locations. Also, it still needs to be connected to a lot of cables, which are something that people should really not put out in the open as it might cause accidents.

The new router looks something different than any other conventional routers out in the market. It has built-in motion gesture sensors that encourage its owners to put it out in the open. Also, a Google On app is entirely in control of managing the router. This is a big move for Google in putting up routers in a simplified way. With the app associated with it, the router has much easier options to manage. Although more expensive than TP-Link's routers, it will be worth the value as it has hand gesture sensors and does not look like a box when compared to others.

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