Honda Clarity Goes On Sale Next Year

Honda will be releasing a comfortable four-door car for mass consumption by springtime 2016 known as the Clarity. Hydrogen fuel cells give the car its power and can drive up to 435 miles of range in a single fill.

Honda Motors Corporation has been tinkering with fuel cells for almost a decade now and finally delivers one out for mass consumption. The car company will be releasing a four-door sedan known as the Clarity in spring 2016. The car is powered by a revised powertrain version FCX Clarity with 174 horsepower 221 pounds of torque.

The car's electric motors are integrated forward between the front wheels. With the power integration, a space is made available for its fuel cell stack. The stack compresses the car's hydrogen with oxygen to generate water and electricity. Although it is using a revised powertrain from a 2008 prototype FCX, its unorthodox structure makes a few odd noises. When on, electricity is forwarded to the car's lithium-ion batteries located under the car's front seats and discharges it to the electric motors that spins the front wheels.

The car is all about clean driving, and it is as clean as it can get. With a fuel stack that is one third smaller than previously, all its circuitry fits under the hood leaving more room for the hydrogen tanks. Actually, two tanks are made available for the car. The big tank is in the trunk and a small tank that is located under the rear seats. In combination, it gives out a range worth 435 miles with 174 horsepower.

Oddly, the Honda Clarity makes a distinctive sound when driving it around as its exhaust system whooshes away the fuel cells in addition to the whining from its direct-drive motors, which could be somewhat unpleasant to the ears. However, the car seemed to have good road manners as it is comfortable enough to ride on and gives enough power to be a capable road trip vehicle.

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