The Mercedes Vision Tokyo Is A Minivan For Millenials

Mercedes unveils an autonomous luxury minivan powered by hydrogen fuel cells at the Tokyo Motor Show. Dubbed as the Vision Tokyo, the minivan generates its own electricity with an array of gadgetries inside its interiors.

The Vision Tokyo of Mercedes is an autonomous luxury lounge powered by hydrogen fuel cells that generate its own electricity. The minivan-club lounge concept is labeled as a trailblazing three-dimensional experience for the young urban modernizers. The van features a five-seater lounge like interior set up inside a fully electric utility vehicle that has auto navigation capabilities.

The minivan is a continuation of Mercedes' array of concepts, which includes the Vision Ener-G-Force, the AMG Vision Gran Turismo and the G-Code from 2012 to 2014. Before the Vision Tokyo, the most recent concept of Mercedes was an autonomously driven luxury saloon that was previewed at the Los Angeles Auto Show in 2015 known as Luxury in Motion F 015.

The concept minivan was designed with auto navigation so that its passengers can relax and have a party or a meeting or just surf the internet while there. The van is built with a large wrap-around LED display that can be used for watching, gaming and browsing the internet. Its roominess accentuated by the Alubeam monochrome paint job along with its screen-printed side windows give the passengers comfort and privacy while permitting enough light to pass through the interior with an unconstrained view outside the vehicle. Its exterior characteristics are blue line illuminations with side skirts and 26-inch wheels. In addition, the minivan has a continuous stretch glass paneling instead of a conventional widescreen mounted to make its interiors a real three-dimensional experience.

Although built to drive by itself, the concept minivan can be controlled manually should there be a requirement for it. A seat facing the travel direction can be released from the center couch up front and a steering wheel can be relocated from standby to driving positions. In addition, the electric power generates and regenerates through its induction systems, making its batteries charged up without outside contact.

The Vision Tokyo designed by Mercedes is a concept of an automotive lounge embodiment of the future. The sensuality and purity of the futuristic minivan's designs interpret the carmaker's modern luxury.

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