Microsoft Outs Its Launcher For Android

The beauty of smartphones that run on Android is that users are free to customize the user-interface as they see fit. There are no limitations or restrictions unlike Apple's iOS, and the Google Play Store carries a plethora of apps that provide personalization and customization.

Microsoft is one of the latest developers that have jumped into Android customization space with its latest app called the Arrow Launcher. Apparently, Redmond may be seeing the Android platform as an investment, considering that they have their own mobile operating system and handset business, as Microsoft has been adding apps on Google Play from Word to Outlook.

The idea of Microsoft building a launcher for Android to let its users customize the way they use their devices is the company's approach in cross-platform development rather than to tie everyone into the software giant's own devices and software. This has been a steady development, with Cortana coming to Android, Outlook getting revamped on both the two major mobile platforms, and Office apps making its way to the competition as well.

Arrow Launcher provides a smart access to users as it gives a "radical simplication: when using an Android device. Apps are easier to find, keeping in touch with contacts is handled cleanly, and the design is very pleasing. Furthermore, it's quite adaptive as well. The more people use Arrow, the better it gets.

Microsoft designed their Android launcher to be simplified and personalized based on the user's habits, as apps are arranged accordingly based on the frequency of usage. A contact tab is present when users swipe right, so it wouldn't take too much time to fire up the contact list and find the people they want to call or send a text message to.

The Arrow Launcher is also equipped with handy features that boost productivity and time efficiency. It comes with a feature that lets its users create notes and reminders that they can make easily. In the recent tab, all the recently accessed things such as photos, videos and apps are listed neatly. Users can also add widgets and manage pages or add icon packs should they wish to customize their homescreens. Even regular wallpapers by Bing can be applied.

Android users who are interested in trying the launcher can download the app straight from its Google Play Store page. It's free as well - similar to all of the apps Microsoft is currently offering for the Android platform.

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