The IACP Unveils Odd Cop Cars

By Paul Pajarillo , Nov 01, 2015 06:57 PM EST

The International Chiefs of Police are making their tactical vehicle tech savvy. A look around the Tradeshow floor, companies like Oshkosh Defense and TerraHawk are making their names known by showcasing odd vehicles.

With a walk around the IACP trade fair, it is made clear that tactical vehicles are standing out with the kind of technology put in the devices like wireless radios to small mobile computers. Commonly, tactical vehicles are huge, bulky, heavily armoured, and equipped with a lot of stuff to keep law enforcers safe. But this year's IACP came different as the equipment that are showcased at the trade fair  was integrating technology to make vehicles and devices user-friendly and efficient for police departments to utilize.

Oshkosh Defense, an international corporation for tactical devices, rolled out armoured transport vehicles mostly for SWAT teams to use. The devices were scalable, customizable, and portable vehicles for and homeland defence and law enforcement officers. Technologies like forward-looking infrared surveillance cameras with thermal imaging software can easily be mounted on the vehicles. For the most important part, departments can hand-pick which vehicle should be outfitted to be part of the customization process.

Law Enforcement Consultant Thomas Henley for Oshkosh Defense deep-rooted that the vehicles do not come at one-size-fits-all. The devices come in a variety of packages such that its users have the ability to scale it to whatever purpose it needs be.

Another company that has an eye-catching device was TerraHawk. The company debuted on the IACP Tradeshow its Mobile Utility Surveillance Tower. Marty James and John Spence from the security company publicized at the event that its four-wheel drive vehicle MUST can revolutionize the way patrolmen keeps surveillance of its territories like the U.S.-Mexico borders.

The IACP wants to permit its officers do a better job and be more operative. With the tradeshow, the association is giving the law enforcement a platform that is capable of accommodating technology in its system while protecting the servicemen from any harm that might come at them.

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