Teforia Is A Robot That Brews Tea

Teforia is a tea-brewing machine that associates the expertise of a tea master with the modern technology a person can have at home. The personal tea-maker is a smart home device that really adores the value of leaf-brewing traditions.

Making a traditional cup of tea is a very delicate process that only tea fanatics around the globe truly appreciate. The honored custom sources the perfect ingredients, considering the age of the leaves that makes the aroma, the right water temperatures and then waiting for the right amount of time to serve it.

Designed by Allen Han, the Teforia is a personal tea-making device for the folks who value loose leaf brewing. The machine works with any tea leaf mixtures and pulls out what it believes to be the tea's optimal flavors. As a matter of fact, there are more than 200 chemical compounds that make one cup of tea each time it is served.

Unlike teaBOT that is commercially available in coffee shops, Teforia is for home-only use. On the other hand, Keurig does not pay attention to the tea-crafting process, nor it knows adjustments based on tea types when brewing. In comparison, Teforia knows the tea types and how to brew them properly. It is like having a tea master at home.

Allen Han founded Teforia after a trip to Asia that completely changed his life. A brief history about Han is he has the technological skills on making devices as he was one of the designers that made Kindle Fire and Xbox 360 come to reality before kicking it on his own.

The concept of Teforia is to perfect the tea process that most tea drinkers do not recognize what they are missing when drinking tea. Also, the device is honoring the tea ceremony traditions with a little bit of technology's touch.

However, the device was designed for people who want a quick-boil convenience when making tea. It has a selective infusion process technology built in to govern the best brewing methods for each leaf put in the machine with the help of a Teforia app that helps in the infusion process and it takes about four minutes to brew a cup of tea. A bit expensive than Keurig, the device has a price tag of $649 for preorder and will be up to $1299 after its launch.

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