Nyrius Transforms Old Home Gadgets To Smart Home Devices

By Paul Pajarillo , Nov 03, 2015 10:31 PM EST

The Nyrius Smart Outlet transforms standard household items to smart home devices. With the aid of Bluetooth technology, people can turn their plugged items on and off with a single thumb tap using their smartphones or tablets.

There are a lot of smart home devices out in the market nowadays and some people are looking for new life options for their old non-smart household gadgets. With the help of the new Nyrius Smart Outlet, it transforms standard household gadgetries into smart home machines with the help of Bluetooth wireless connectivity.

Presently, technology offers people to manage their closed-circuit television cameras, switch the lights on and off and even control air conditioning with a smart thermostat that requires a Wi-Fi connection to be able to integrate voice recognition. Helpful in their own ways, this technology does not do much for home devices such as fans, lamps and other household appliances without the smart tech.

The Nyrius Smart Outlet was crafted to provide on and off proximity management to any household appliances that is capable of plugging into an electric wall outlet. Unlike the present smart home devices that uses a Wi-Fi connection hub to operate, Nyrius uses Bluetooth technology to pair to old household items for communication. Although restricted a 10-meter Bluetooth proximity, the smart outlet does not require an internet connection to be always on standby.

As there are wireless dead spots that exist in houses that signals cannot penetrate, a separate car garage and even a room from people's backyard can benefit from the smart outlet. Even a car that requires power inverters can also take advantage from this technology. And since the smart outlet is a plug-and-play type of device and is also a compact gadget, it could be a very useful tool when traveling.

The free Nyrius app can run on smartphones either it be Android or iOS. Users can designate custom names and optional passwords to turn electric outlets on and off with a single thumb tap. Most especially, this device can be handy for out-of-reach home gadgetries.

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