Yamaha Unveils Its Motiv

Yamaha unveils its sports car concept called the Motiv Sports Ride at the 2015 Tokyo Motor Show. The concept car features Formula One technology designed by McLaren F1's Gordon Murray.

Yamaha has been mentioning a move to manufacture cars during the past years. The well-known motorcycle company joins forces with McLaren Formula One designer Gordon Murray to create a prototype sports car concept known as the Motiv.

At the 2015 Tokyo Motor Show, the company unveiled its new sports car concept dubbed as the Motiv Sports Ride. To make it specific, in line with the sports car concept is the iStream concept of Murray. The iStream principle is a process of assembling vehicles in a simple way like Formula One cars used in F1 Grand Prix. Compared to current means of automobile production, iStream requires only 20% of a conventional car factory size for production.

The iStream process relies on ready-made parts from fused materials that are interchangeable. The company's Motiv Sports Ride concept is among the first cars to use carbon chassis technology derived from Murray's iStream concept.

The iStream Carbon technology is known to be the world's first high-volume carbon fiber chassis made affordable and for public consumption. It permits the cars to be durable and lightweight and folks do not need to worry about a supercar tag price to afford one.

Although Yamaha has not made a statement with regard to its future car lineup using powertrains, the company previously publicized an electric drive system and a three-cylinder engine believed to be used by the Motiv as it can be a possibility. While the iStream principle use fiberglass, the iStream technology used by the company's new sports car concept is carbon fiber to make the vehicle much stronger.

At present, there are only seven vehicles to use the iStream principle. Two of them already debuted at the Tokyo Motor Show, which are the Motiv Sports Ride by Yamaha and the other is TVR's sports car concept that uses a Cosworth V8 engine.

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