Carnegie To Experience Wave-Integrated Renewable Energy

The Carnegie Wave Energy of Australia unveiled that it is in works Western Power to create a wave integrated microgrid renewable energy resource. The Garden Island Project will demonstrate not only renewable energy but also desalination plants and diesel generation.

Carnegie Wave Energy is a wave power company based on Western Australia. A partnership has been in the works with Western Power who happens to be Western Australia's electric network operator. The partnership aims to develop a renewable energy resource that integrates wave energy known as the Garden Island Microgrid Project.

The microgrid project will consist of Carnegie Wave Energy's CETO 6 system. In addition, the project will also integrate a reverse osmosis desalination plant located in Garden Island.

The project will feature a 2MW solar photovoltaic energy generation at its peak and a sufficient power storage. This renewable energy system will allow stable, safe and steadfast collaboration with the existing electric grids.

The microgrid project was made public after the Australian Securities Exchange approved Carnegie to power up its revolutionary CETO 5 array of generators in Garden Island. The ground-breaking generators set off wave-generated electricity to the existing local powerlines along Perth.

Carnegie Wave Energy's CETO 6 generator has been in the works and was finished roughly two weeks ago. The concept generator has an array of advantages over the CETO 5 system that include a more or less quadruple increase in electric capacity. Carnegie's team already have an identified site where the CETO 6 will rise, located 10 kilometers away from Garden Island's vicinity. The project is targeted to be finished at around the midyear of 2016.

Western Australia is an attractive site to use wave power in avoidance to maintenance and building long electric grids to coastal populations. The project will have a great potential to integrate wave energy to its power grids as the location has strong wave resources.

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