Comcast Is Offering Unlimited Data For An Extra USD $35

Cable television would probably make as the second best option now should users want to watch TV on demand as online streaming grows exponentially. Movies, television shows, you name it, it's all there. This reasoning may be enough for Comcast to offer unlimited data plans in order to keep its subscribers interested in its service as a complementary to its recent announcement of a heavy load of content to its X1 platform.

According to reports, behemoth media company Comcast has rolled out an unlimited data plan in Atlanta recently. The move will allow its subscribers who want to surf and download media as much as they want for a paltry price for only USD $35 a month - this puts the company's unlimited data plan in a competitive spot as most of the offerings fall above, if not the same, price category.

The new service add-on will remove the 300 GB data cap per month to its subscribers who are residing in Atlanta. It's only a limited trial, but the economics of the service will possibly make a vast difference on how people would subscribe to broadband services in the near future. Relatively, should Comcast push through with its trial service, competing companies will most likely waive off their data caps in place of unlimited data for a small price in a monthly basis.

Data caps have been imposed by several major service providers including T-Mobile and AT&T for years now. The process is quite simple, really. Should users exceed their monthly limit, they can expect either reduced internet speeds or lofty overage expenses.

Comcast charges an additional $10 for every 50 GB a subscriber goes beyond their data cap. While 300 GB of data would seem more than enough to some users, there are subscribers who need bulks of data for either their entertainment or work, especially now that online streaming services and home-based jobs have taken into full swing.

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