The Company Behind The Polaroid Cube Hits GoPro With Design Patent

GoPro's Hero action cameras have become a welcomed addition in the world of video recording. Capable of shooting videos in high resolutions despite its size, GoPro's devices have been bought by consumers ranging from motorists to adventurers for their daily drivers in videos. However, according to recent reports, the company behind the ultra-compact video recorders have been slapped with a lawsuit by none other than the makers of Polaroid Cube.

The company behind Polaroid's Cube camera has just sued GoPro for making cubic-shaped cameras. According to the lawsuit, GoPro's Hero 4 Session has infringed the design patent that has been granted for Polaroid Cube in May. Both the GoPro Hero 4 Session and the Polaroid Cube are definitely shaped in its cubic form, making the lawsuit favorable for the makers of the latter. However, the actual patent is somehow vague as it only sheds light on "the ornamental design for a cubic action camera, as shown and described," as can be read on the file. In comparison, the Polaroid Cube is more than a year old, while GoPro's Hero 4 Session has only been around for less than four months.

Polaroid in itself isn't exactly involved in the lawsuit, as C&A Marketing are the ones responsible for it and the Cube only has the "Polaroid" name attached into it. This means that C&A Marketing are the ones who own the patent, and they are asking GoPro to stop the sales of the Hero 4 Session as well as monetary damages that were made from GoPro's profits from their cubic device.

According to reports, GoPro may have to look for similar designs in the public domain that came in before the patent was filed in order to defend the Hero 4 Session. But on GoPro's side, it has a design patent for the Hero 4 Session filed in the European Union, and the company has also applied for a design patent in the United States.

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