Hyundai Launches Electric Car Concept Ioniq

Korean carmaker Hyundai plans to join the green car market with its very own array of electric vehicles. The automaker will launch its 'i-Oniq' green car concept to be able to compete with Toyota's Prius Fighter.

Hyundai is planning to introduce a bombardment of new electric and hybrid vehicles toward the next few years to boost its shares considerably in the green car industry. Among the new vehicles will be a committed hybrid anticipated to rival the Toyota's Prius. The name is rumoured to be recycled from Hyundai concept car in 2012.

The car will be known as the Hyundai Ioniq as the company discussed its product plans with its close sources. The company already registered the name last June with the Intellectual Property Office in Seoul. In July, the Korean automaker also applied to IPO's in Canada, United Kingdom, and Malta for the Ioniq name trademark. The car name was imitative to the 2012 i-Oniq, which was the company's electric car with an extended range concept.

The 2012 i-Oniq had a 107 horsepower electric motor. It also comprised of a three-cylinder 1.0-litre gas engine acting as support. It claims to have a 75-mile electric only range and a 360-mile range in combination.

The Korean carmaker plans to launch an all-new electric model to rival Toyota's hybrid vehicle as part of its green car ambitions. The two models could be sharing the same hybrid platform as the Ioniq rides on a platform derived from an Elantra subcompact. The subcompact was designed to accommodate efficient powertrains. A lot like its Toyota rival, the Ioniq concept car will be a hatchback with five doors plus an aerodynamic body with a high tail.

While other car manufacturers are focusing their attention on one electric powertrain system, the Korean automaker is considering on having an all-out approach to it. From gas-efficient engines, plug-ins, hybrids, EVs, hydrogen fuel cells, these are the things Hyundai still considers for the company's future along with its car models.

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