Kickbooster Pays For Sharing Crowdfunding Promotions

Kickbooster is a startup company that offers rebates for users who share their favourite crowdfunding campaigns. The affiliate network enables its sharers to get a 10 per cent referral fee when somebody clicks on their shared links about product promotions.

Affiliate advertising is an extreme hit or miss opportunity. Often times, people are being paid to campaign about merchandise that they do not care about, which results in a poor product campaign.

Affiliate network for campaigns on crowdfunding such as Kickbooster enables its users to share their preferred campaigns on social media via link sharing. In every click they get on a shared crowdfund campaign, they get a 10 per cent referral fee. For example, if a user refers someone to support a US$100 kitchen knife, he or she will get a US$10 reward for a referral.

Kickbooster founder Scott Adamson knows that companies may choose their own campaign strategies, but oftentimes sticks to the 10 per cent standard shares. Although anyone could sign up and create link referrals, the company targets specific users who are already supporting certain crowdfund campaigns.

The company wants its users who have pledged financial commitments to a certain product be able to receive the product that they have campaigned. Kickbooster takes advantage of this plan to bring excitement to post-pledgers by sharing campaign strategies with their networks.

In an amusing way, the site offers a feature where users are able to refer themselves, enabling them an instant 10 per cent rebate on any campaign that they support. In a way, this turns Kickbooster to a discount store for crowdfunding drives.

Although it is just a few months old in the business, Kickbooster already had 200 crowdfund campaigns that pay the company 3 per cent on top of whatever rate referrals the campaigner opts.

Affiliate marketing has been around in the business as old as the Internet. Although the trend has been sluggish, Kickbooster seems to be a natural fit. The startup works alongside with Kickstarter and with Indiegogo support soon.

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