China's Space Robot Looks Like Iron Man

The Chinese have created a robot that looks like Iron Man and has made its début at the Shanghai International Industry Fair. The robot, named Xiaotian is China's attempt to reach Mars by the year 2020.

At the Shanghai International Industry Fair, China's space agency launched their very own Mars probes that included a landing rover and an orbiter. In addition, the agency also gave a preview to a space robot that strikingly looks like a Marvel superhero played by Robert Downey Jr.

According to Xinhua State News Agency, the robot known as Xiaotian looks like an Iron Man replica. Iron Man is a Marvel character played by Downy in successful international film series like The Avengers and the self-titled Iron Man movies, which gained popularity in China.

Xinhua also confirmed that Xiaotian was developed by China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation. The robot is as a new type of AI that can cope with harsh space environments and can manipulate complex tasks. Apparently, the robot is designed to work in a variety of harsh environments, from unmanned space probes to moon landings to the ISS kind of thing.

The Guancha News Site gives out more details about the Chinese space robot. Other specifications the site divulged was that the robot had flexible human-like hands and arms. This allows the robot to do what humans can do, from picking up a pencil to fixing electrical circuits. Unlike the typical industrial robots, the site reported that it is made to work in outer space, although the robot would not be joining any red planet missions as of the moment.

Even though it is hard to make sure if the robot will be effective working in outer space, the probe orbiter and the landing rover that made out to outer space recently lit up the imaginations of the Chinese at the trade fair.

Shanghai Academy of Spaceflight Technology satellite scientist Niu Shengda said to Xinhua that unmanned missions to Mars do not include Anthony Stark or Stark labs but the mission includes remote sensing and surface landing. This statement was made public after NASA announced that there is water on the red planet last September.

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