Microbot Push Is Designed For Old Devices

Korean startup company Naran is working with crowdfunding site Indiegogo to campaign for a smart button that can control old household items. Known as the Microbot Push, the smart button clips on old household gadgets and can be set to perform a press or push motion when commanded.

The Korean company is able to develop a program called Microbot Push that can address the global problem of making every home appliance and even the old ones to be automated. As simple as how the gadget works, the possibilities are quite remarkable.

A lot of home appliances and old gadgetries lack Internet connectivity while others lack remote interface operations. The Microbot device enables those items to be connected to the Internet.

The Push gadget connects with a central node called the Prota Box. This "Box" can connect over Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Along with the centralized hub and the button comes an automation scheme that is similar to IFTTT. This scheme permits the users to create what the startup company calls "stories" using sensor information to trigger the buttons therefore creating actions.

While other rivals exist in the market performing button-like functions, flicks, or switch flipping like Switchmate, Microbot Push is a combination of two purposes in one set. The device behaves like a touch-capacitive button. Although, its functions are hard to see, especially since its functions are easy to achieve with an Amazon Dash and a change in firmware.

Naran's initial funding aim is US$50,000 in the hopes to raise it in 31 days to be used for developing the device and other manufacturing expenses. INTOPS, a Samsung supplier is the production partner of Naran. Already, the company has achieved more than 30 per cent of its funding goal. Still with more days remaining in their crowdfunding campaign with Indiegogo, the company is more than likely to raise enough funds to cover its expenses in building the smart button.

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