Karma Adds 'Neverstop' Unlimited Data Plan

The pay-as-you-go LTE mobile hotspot Karma has publicized a new data plan that will charm people who regularly use their Wi-Fi devices. The 'Neverstop' subscription offers unlimited Internet data for only US$50 a month.

The Karma Go LTE mobile hotspot began shipping earlier this summer of 2015. At present, the Wi-Fi hotspot makers have divulged a new type of subscription meant for please people who regularly use their Karma devices. Instead of the pay-as-you-go plan, the new 'Neverstop' subscription offers unlimited Internet data for a whole month's worth of US$50. However, this subscription is available without a contract.

The company states that a decision was made to release an added option as users have increased data usage over the years. Although, the Neverstop plan is not meant to replace their older subscription. Instead, the company is renaming their old Internet plan as 'Refuel'. Now, Karma users have an option to choose what plan suits them the most. In addition to this setup, users can switch between the two plans any time they want. Users can just simply cancel their Neverstop plan on the Karma app and it will switch automatically to the Refuel subscription.

The new subscription makes a lot of sense for those who more than regularly use their devices, especially for people who work outside or travelling while working. This can also be used for postpaid subscriptions for a mobile hotspot package. As before, both subscriptions are inclined to Sprint's 4G LTE networks

However, there is a small catch when using the Neverstop plan. Although the new subscription allows up to three connected devices, access to unlimited data has a limited connection speed of 5 Mbps. The company explained that the plan is enough to do most online tasks like video and music streaming. On the other hand, downloading large file formats like movies will be slower on the new subscription as compared to the old one.

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