Suntech Integrates Tigo Platform for PV Optimization

China-based Wuxi Suntech Power Co., Ltd. and American photovoltaic company Tigo joins forces with solar power outputs. Suntech will be integrating its smart solar direct current module to the American's TS4 modular platform to optimize solar renewable energy.

Suntech Power has developed a new smart solar direct current module, which the company will integrate into Tigo's TS4 modular platform. The Chinese will be using the American technology to optimize energy output in addition to real-time monitoring. It will also make wireless communications much accessible and the integration will reduce maintenance expenses.

The Suntech smart modules have better output and efficiency. To be precise, it can increase energy outputs in constricted areas where the modules are installed and may even be able to offer cheap system charges as well.

On the other hand, Tigo is known in the business as the sole corporation that offers modular platforms where customers can provide photovoltaic module actions according to its needs by a simple concealment trade. Tigo Chief Executive Officer Zvi Alon acknowledges that by combining the companies' technologies, they will be able to provide the market with the best solar power-generated products along with its management.

"Tigo's platform is already the most flexible in the world, working with all the major inverter and module manufacturers globally," Mr. Alon said. "The introduction of TS4 gives installers an even greater degree of control over what they want and need for any given project.  Whether an installer wants safety and monitoring to meet NEC 2014 Rapid Shutdown requirements or optimization, or simply a traditional module that can be easily upgraded later in life, the TS4 platform can support them." 

The Chinese solar company has already sold 30 million solar panels and it makes out nine gigawatts of installed volume. This is an impressive partnership with the Americans because both companies will be combining their existing PV expertise to create something that is new and improved.

Another fascinating thing is that although of different cultures, they were able to work together across international restrictions, and not all companies are flexible or open-minded enough to reach beneficial and mutual agreements.

International trade and industry gambles are a challenge due to cultural and language barriers. Although, this might be an advantage as both companies are young in the business and might be less bureaucratic as compared to others who are already established in the industry. In addition, young companies like Tigo and Suntech are open to innovations, which may allow them to share their knowledge easier.

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