Oliba Makes Toys Tell Stories

By Paul Pajarillo , Nov 11, 2015 11:05 PM EST

French startup Oliba has designed a smart toy tracker that uses Bluetooth technology to let people find toys using their smartphones. The tracker has a built-in night-light that can secure on children's teddy bears. It also doubles as a storytelling device.

To help a lot of parents not to lose time looking for their child's cuddly stuff toys that makes them go to bed at night, startup company Oliba created a tracker to find those "security toys". The company has developed a smart toy-tracking device that uses Bluetooth 4.0, which can enable parents find their kids' toys using their smartphones.

The device is also perfectly safe for kids. The tracker has a fitted night-light and can also function as a recording device where parents can record lullaby songs or bedtime stories.

The device looks like an owl that parents can tie around a stuffed toy's arm. With it, parents can make it play a sound and even track the misplaced toy, using a map on their smartphones. It also has a built-in speaker and parents can record bedtime stories on it if they are coming home late from work. 

To be able to make the tracking device to tell stories or sing lullabies, parents have to record songs or stories using their smartphones. Afterwards, they can send it to the tracker using Bluetooth. This allows the children to listen to their parents' voice as they sing lullabies and tell bedtime stories through their favourite stuffed animals. Parents can train their children to deep-press the tracker to start playing songs and stories. At night, the tracker glows in the dark, which lessens the process of making them fall asleep, as they feel safe and reassured.

The toy tracker works with both Android and iOS and can save up to 10 songs and story recordings. It can be charged using a USB device and is washable. The product is available at the Indiegogo website at a price between US$35 and a US$49.

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