Apple CEO Tim Cook Believes There Is No More Reason To Buy A PC

Apple CEO Tim Cook believes that there is no need to buy a PC in this day as its new iPad Pro can serve as a replacement for it. While PC sales aren't as strong as they were before mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets existed, it's no question that it will still serve a multitude of purpose that still make it an irreplaceable piece of equipment.

Simply, offices and workstations need a well-rounded PC for employees to use for documentation, media processing, and the like. Even gamers are part of the equation as the gaming experience differs vastly as compared with mobile devices and even consoles. 

"I think if you're looking at a PC, why would you buy a PC anymore? No really, why would you buy one?" Cook asked during an interview with the Telegraph. He later adds that the company's recently unveiled iPad Pro is a replacement for a notebook or a desktop for a multitude of people.

Apple is targeting two other markets as well for their 12.9-inch iPad. The first are those who are working in the creative field as the new iPad Pro with the Apple Pencil can be a replacement for a pad. The second target market are music and movie consumers as the iPad Pro is capable of producing excellent sound quality with its speakers, and its 12.9-inch display would be large enough to watch movies.

However, Apple's iPhones and iPads, even other mobile devices that runs on Android are still considered as supplementary devices because of their limitations. Its storage capacities, even with Cloud services helping out, would not be enough to hold out an entire library of music or movies. Even offices that need power-intensive software would require a high-end PC, and more often than not, it won't be available on Apple's mobile platform. More to the point, PC gaming continues to flourish, and it has a strong support for gamers on the platform to scale it up further.

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