Pypestream Offers An Alternative For Business Talks

Startup Pypestream promises an alternative to frustrating customer service practices. The messaging system enables businesses to create threads called 'Pypes' to connect with consumers for communication.

Pypestream is a startup company who is focused on giving consumers an alternative way to deal with customer service and other business communications. Basically, the messaging system is an application where businesses can create accounts to connect with its customers. In each account is a different 'Pype' that represents different sorts of communication, like a thread with certain topics.

Chief Executive Officer and Founder Richard Smullen of Pypestream states that the app is a support channel that does not involve too much of a person's time when it comes to business dealing like those frustrating customer service experiences. If a customer wants something from the business, they can open a relevant Pype and begin communication, the same way as texting a friend. By leaving a certain Pype open, the customers will be receiving different kinds of communication from businesses, like a feedback or a deal alert.

The messaging system should give a more natural feel as compared to automated systems that oftentimes answers customer calls, according to Tech Crunch. To make it clear, the messaging system will be a mix of human support and automation. Although customers would not be messaging a real human being, interactions will give a more natural feel during conversations.

On the other hand, businesses get to save call center expenses. Also, they get an open channel for customers with communication continuance. More than likely, customers may choose Pypestream messaging compared to downloading apps for certain companies.

Some businesses are also on the rise when it comes to consumer messaging systems, but these apps are not business-focused. Unlike Pypestream, it offers payment support, documentation, and filing systems for business communications. To sum it all up, the messaging system enables business to push messages to customers, and the customers are permitted to respond in an individual manner without getting any of their information shared on public for privacy matters.

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