Strapless Bra Design Inspired By Gecko's Feet

Startup Kellie K Apparel has designed a strapless bra inspired by the way Geckos stick to walls. Using Van der Waals molecular forces and Gecktech's biocompatible silicone-based patches, the bra makes intimate contact to the skin without getting it irritated.

Awkward lady moments of pulling up slipping-away strapless bras are over. Robotics engineer Anthony Roy from Caltech has designed a strapless brasserie that uses gecko's hair-like structures from its feet to stick to a lady's intimate body part without causing any kind of skin irritation.

Roy got the idea several years ago when his girlfriend-now-wife wanted to wear a particular evening dress that bared her shoulders, but grieved over it due to the lack of dependable strapless brasseries, and did not feel like having to deal with pulling it up every now and then. Being a dedicated boyfriend-now-husband, he decided to design a bra using his robotics and engineering backgrounds.

Presently, there is a lot of scientific research that revolves in geckos because of its ability to stick to almost any kind of surface. Back in 2000, physicist Robert Full of the University of California in Berkeley realized this strong adhesion due to Van der Waals molecular forces. Years later, England's University of Manchester invented a gecko-like tape strong enough to suspend an action figure from ceilings for an indefinite period. Also, Stanford University has active research programs in designing biomimetic adhesives derived from a gecko's foot.

To sum it up, GeckTech made use of these researches and came up with a small patch that sticks to human skin using biomimetic technology. The patches are silicone-based and biocompatible that uses gecko's physical feet properties to do superior frictional adhesion.

Presently, Kelly K Apparel uses this technology to their Ava and Alice collection now available in white, beige and black. Also, the company offers bikini matches for the bras. The company is in its final hours at Kickstarter to raise funds for their Phase 2 project, having raised over US$18,000 out of a US$26,500 target.

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