EV Smart Chargers Preview At The eCarTec Conference In Germany

Slovenian company Etrel and Spain-based company Circontrol debut their electric vehicle (EV) smart chargers at Munich's eCarTec Conference. Both smart chargers optimize EV charging proportions associated with home photovoltaic systems.

Renewable energy sources and green cars have gained popularity over traditional sources of energy. More and more people are turning to electric cars over gasoline and diesel-powered vehicles. Even homes use electricity coming from renewable sources like solar, wind, hydroelectric and even biomass.

Etrel and Circontrol debuted their versions of EV smart chargers at the eCarTec Conference in Germany. For folks who have home solar photovoltaic systems and at the same time use EVs to maximize system usage, the new smart chargers may interest them.

Etrel is a Slovenian company which states that its smart chargers can sense home power draws as well as energy produced from solar array at home. Homeowners can allow the charging gadget to optimize solar energy amounts used to recharge an electric vehicle, or enable the energy to go back to the grid if it would benefit financially. Etrel's unit can also compute the total energy consumption so that EV charging does not overload the electrical system of a household.

On the other hand, Circontrol is a Spain-based company which states that its eHome residential charging system couples with its BeOn sensors. Their unit can also detect solar energy and enable it to divert some or all of that energy to the smart charger according to pre-programmed preferences by the customer. Similar to Etrel's, it also safeguards the household against system overloads.

Both charging units comes with apps that users can download on smartphones or tablets. This provides homeowners easy access to charging schedules, monitoring, turning the units on or off, and so on. Circontrol's units will come out starting January 2016 while Etrel's will follow later next year.

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