Formula E Outshines Formula One Racing

Formula E is a racing competition organized by the Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile. The race debuted in Malaysia and featured all-electric race cars.

The FIA's Formula E that took place in Malaysia's Putrajaya Circuit previewed all-electric racing cars and achieved favorable viewer ratings all over the globe. The tape-delayed showing got good television ratings that shifted a post NFL timeslot.

According to SportsMediaWatch, the race netted favorable viewing on Fox Sports Network. Its original broadcast produced 60,000 viewers. Ratings of Formula E fared well with Formula One's Race Day on NBC Network during the Monaco Grand Prix. Formula E is beginning to carve its way into the American television consciousness and it comes as a no-surprise.

The race was about 45 minutes in length. It had natural breaks and pit stops just like the old-fashioned F1 races, with its crowd-pleasing structure that consistently came along with it. In addition, guaranteed battles are out on the field, finite energy, unrelenting race tracks and walls, home interests like NASCAR champion Mario Andretti and big names in the Indy Car races like Simona de Silvestro and Jacques Villeneuve. The spectators have something good to expect.

With correct presentation and scheduling, Formula E racing could bring a significant impact in television viewing for years to come. Also, a lot of familiar names from racing generations will be partaking in the events. Race fanatics who have heard of the antics of Gilles Villeneuve and Nelson Piquet on Watkins Glen and Long Beach race days will surely enjoy discussing such stories.

For the next season, there will be a genuine technical war which could engage engineers of the new generation. More importantly, getting across important environmental and social issues as Formula E will feature race cars powered by renewable energy sources. Although some of the petrol companies may not like the concept, racing is racing, the event has produced and will keep on producing thrilling spectacles on its coming days.

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