BMW Powertrains To Be Utilized By Karma

Karma Automotive will be using BMW powertrain components for its upcoming production models. Formerly known as Fisker, the carmaker will be utilizing BMW's battery-charged systems for its luxury sedan expected to relaunch in 2016.

Bavarian Motor Works will be supplying Karma Automotive high-voltage battery charging systems and other hybrid vehicle systems for Karma's luxury sedans for reintroduction next year, including their upcoming varieties. Although General Motors previously supplied Karma's gasoline engines, the carmaker did not say whether BMW will be supplying their cars' range-extending gas engines.

All of its cars that were part of the original production back in 2012 previewed turbocharged 2.0-L 260-hp four-cylinder direct injection engines which turned out that the cars' generators provided its electrical energy. Propulsions came from two 200-hp electric motors on each axle along with a 20-kwh battery pack made up of lithium-ion.

On the other hand, BMW's components could be coming from potential sources, as some of its powertrain parts came from the plug-in hybrid i8 coupe which uses a three-cylinder 1.5-L turbocharged engine and a 7.1-kwh electric motor along with a lithium-ion battery system.

At the 2014 Innovation Days event, the German luxury vehicle makers unveiled a plugged-in hybrid concept car based on its Gran Turismo 5 Series designed for maximized electric powering. The concept used a 268-hp electric motor in the rear wheels and 201-hp electric motor in the front wheels with a four-cylinder turbocharged engine support.

Both German-made vehicles featured somewhat different powertrain arrangements to Karma's configurations but could find its way and include it into the new luxury sedan. Before Fisker's bankruptcy issues back in 2012, rumors have it that BMW will be supplying engines for the carmaker's 'Atlantic' luxury sedan since it has a similar style and would also be using an extended-range electric powertrain system.

Previous Karmas were formerly built under Valmet Automotive in Finland. The company is now planning to move to the United States for production. It is now building a factory in Moreno Valley, not far from its Costa Mesa Headquarters.

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