BMW Unveils Experimental eRR Motorcycle

BMW Motorrad is pushing the limits of electric energy with its eRR concept motorcycle. The company has teamed up with Munich's Technical University to showcase the electric superbike's capabilities.

Electric-powered motorcycles are becoming widely accepted like their automotive counterparts. Electric bikes pioneer, Zero Motorcycles, have already launched its lineup as a viable option for recreation as well as commuting. Limits are constantly being tried and tested for any emerging technology, and manufacturers are tracking the developments on each of their new vehicles to make it better.

BMW's motorcycle division Motorrad has unveiled a supersport motorcycle powered by lithium-ion batteries known as the eRR concept that pushes the limits of electric-powered motorcycles. The German's plugged-in vehicle lineup includes the i8 hybrid coupe, the i3 electric car and an electric scooter known as the C evolution.

The Motorrad division has worked hand in hand with Technical University of Munich during the experimental stages of the eRR motorcycle. The concept was to showcase an all-electric superbike potential. The electric superbike derived its chassis from the S1000RR, which was known as a technical masterpiece that gives speed-addict cyclists the chills.

BMW Motorrad Head Stephan Schaller stated that since the RR's market launch, motorsport athletes are in awe of the superbike's top speed, acceleration and handling capabilities. However, the 199-horsepower superbike lost to the C evolution scooter in terms of acceleration from 50-60 kilometers per hour.

Electric sport bikes have taken a domestic interest which has been lit up by the upcoming Victory Empulse and the mass-produced Zero SR. Other motorcycle manufacturers like Lightning Motorcycles hypes its LS-218 as the fastest electric motorcycle in production around the world. Meanwhile, Europe's Energica EGO of Italy brags that their electric superbike can go zero to 60 miles per hour in three seconds.

The market is ripe for high-performance electric motorcycles as well as its automotive counterparts. Although the details about the eRR concept are slim at the moment, Motorrad will be unveiling its technical specifications very soon.

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