New Microsoft App For Android Is For Users Who Want To Switch

Microsoft's Windows 10 has been greatly anticipated by its loyal user base ever since it was first announced. The platform seeks to bring a unified experience along with Redmond's other devices such as its desktop operating system and its gaming console. However, as far as their mobile platform goes, its app deficit is still so huge that most people stay faithful to either the Android or iOS ecosystem. With Microsoft seeing it as a big problem, the company has released another Android app to bring interested users to its own mobile platform.

Called AppComparison, Microsoft's new Android application scans a user's smartphone for apps that are already installed. Afterwards, the app will match them with other apps that are available for download from the Microsoft Store. To put it into perspective, AppComparison checks what apps users have on their Android smartphones, the determines if there's a similar app downloadable from the Microsoft Store. For example, Drive, Google's cloud storage, will yield Microsoft's OneDrive. AppComparison will also come up with Instagram should users have the same app on their smartphones, albeit the one on Microsoft is currently on its beta version.

The app matches are simply extensive that there are Windows phone app equivalents to almost each of Android's massive app library. However, most match results are often productivity apps, and a couple of games from different developers still isn't available from the Microsoft Store.

However, as Microsoft plans to make its platform run reworked Android and iOS apps, the app deficit that's greatly present in Windows phones would soon be removed, and AppComparison would more likely cough up better results when it comes to specific titles in a user's Android smartphone.

AppComparison also introduces new users to some of the best applications that are available for the Windows Phone platform in every category. The company also took this chance to advertise one of its latest Windows-powered smartphones, the Microsoft Lumia 640.

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