Fiat Previews Its Star Wars-Inspired Electric 500e

Fiat exhibits their Star Wars-inspired electric 500e at the Los Angeles Auto Show. The electric car First Order Stormtrooper helmet look-alike was designed by Garage Italia Customs just to guard the event's halls and corners.

The Force Awakens, another Star Wars movie, is coming to cinemas very soon. Fiat reminds the people about the movie as the carmaker has brought its custom-designed Star Wars-inspired 2015 Fiat First Order Stormtrooper electric 500e to stand on guard at the Los Angeles Auto Show.

Designed by Garage Italia Customs, this black and white Star Wars car will be appearing through the course of the event. The car is only meant for display and its Stormtrooper design is only for show. Although folks can just purchase a standard Fiat 500e and customize it themselves to look like Star Wars First Order Stormtroopers.

For Star Wars fanatics and Fiat car enthusiasts, the car design involves smooth lines which is on slight contrast with the original car, stylings inspired by Japan's version of an Imperial Stormtrooper. However, the First Order Legion evolves a bit beyond even moving away from a Clone Trooper's original style. The design is partly inspired by the Mandalorian armor of Jango, Boba Fett's father.

It is arguable that the clones' styles have varied from time to time during Star Wars movies, but Fiat's Stormtrooper cloning is obvious. The car previews with a two-tone black and white custom paint job by Garage Italia Customs. They wrapped the car's side windows and windshield to make it look like the First Order Stormtrooper's helmet along with its recognizable visor. Car details were not just wrapped but also painted with black and white lacquer. Although unseen, the car has a dashboard with a Star Wars logo embedded on it. The car's steering wheel is leather-wrapped with a black and white tone along with a First Order logo on the steering wheel's centerpiece.

Much like the Stormtrooper armor, the Fiat 500e showcases functionality and modern technology with a classic Italian design addition. According to the carmaker, it is the perfect vehicle to take on the galaxy with style.

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