Energica Unveils The Eva Street Bike

Italian electric motorcycle manufacturer Energica unveils an all-electric street bike at the Milan Motorcycle Show. Dubbed as the Eva, this is the company's second electric motorcycle built and designed utilizing rapid prototype technology.

Energica during its short existence in the motoring world focused its attention on an all-electric motorcycle known as the Ego. It was designed and developed under their parent company, CRP. With the first electric motorcycle nearing its mass production, the company disclosed their second electric motorcycle at the EICMA known as the Eva.

Energica believes that electric vehicles are the future. The company CEO Livia Cevolini assured that their motorcycles are champions of innovation, sport, luxury and craftsmanship that roots in the engineering expertise of the company.

CRP, a Modena-based company, is known for supplying teams in Formula One races. Before embarking with Energica on its Ego, the company handled racing motorcycles for TTXGP, Moto2 and the 125/250cc Grand Prix.

Energica Chief Technical Officer Giampiero Testoni stated that the difference between the Ego and the Eva is that the new electric motorcycle is a street fighter. Although it is the same as its predecessor with regards to battery, frame and swing arm, power outputs for the new motorcycle is less than 20 to 30 percent when compared. Top speed is also different but the company is still working on giving the new motorcycle more mileage.

Testoni also added that the Eva will be a fun motorcycle to ride as its sitting position will be much more comfortable compared to Ego. A price tag is still not defined as the new motorcycle is just for show. The Ego superbike is Energica's release for 2015. And if all goes well, Eva will be for 2016.

To fulfill the people's demands, the company has opened its Delaware office. It is slowly moving away from CRP's shadow with many dealers looking forward to work with Energica, as well as dreams to do something new in the electric vehicle technology.

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