Pedal-Powered Illumination Offered By Battery-Free LED Bike Lights

Danish bicycle lights innovator Reelight launches a unique lighting system powered by vortex currents generated by the bike's spinning wheels. The NEO LED bicycle light system is a promising innovation to the cycling world's most powerful friction-free bike lights.

Bicycle lights can make a big difference when it comes to pedal-driven rides after dark. Whether it would be a bicycle's headlights to see the front road or a taillight to minimize hit risks, bicycle lights help everyone from commuters to casual cyclists when daylight fades away for visibility purposes.

On the other hand, one of the biggest discomforts for bicycle lights are theft. Also, its dependence on batteries is a big problem as a rider will never know when it will fade in inopportune moments, like going flat while traveling. As such, they need to bring along additional batteries while they travel just to prevent such from happening.

Without a battery replacement on hand, even the most effective and powerful bicycle lights are a nuisance and dead weight to riders. As an alternative, bike-mounted generators is another method on keeping lights on. Although old-fashioned dynamo generators gives the bikes a lot of heaviness, it adds friction to the bike's rim. It also needs a large mounting bracket installed.

Reelight, a Danish bike light innovator, brings in a new generation of inductive bicycle lights. It uses natural-generated whirlpool currents from the bike's spinning wheels, producing enough energy using light-emitting diode bulbs. In addition, it promises pedal-driven vehicle riders free from dreadful dead battery experiences.

Reelight previously won the Red Dot Design award for its products, along with several other Eurobike Awards. Presently, the company will be launching another one-of-a-kind LED bike light powered by vortex currents dubbed as the NEO. It features an easy-to-attach lockable design that can fit any bike that functions automatically as long as the bike's wheels are spinning. In addition, it also features a low-power backup system that keeps bicycles illuminated even on stops.

The NEO bike lights will be launching some time in December 2015.

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