Robot Cats Provide Old People Company

By Paul Pajarillo , Nov 25, 2015 08:36 AM EST

Hasbro is trying to make the perfect companions for senior citizens. The toy maker's Joy For All robot cats joins the growing number of machines designed to make the aging life more pleasant.

American multinational board game and toy company Hasbro launches the Joy For All robot cats to give company to old folks. The cats are the first in the toy maker's line of companion pets, and the mechanical cats will now be joining the increasing number of robots and machines designed and dedicated to senior citizens.

Robots have played a vital role for the care of the aging society. In other countires such as Japan, the machines keep old folks safe and relieving human caregiving burdens. On international airports, old personnel use robot exoskeletons to lift heavy luggage.

The robot cats from Hasbro are highly realistic. It is far less creepy unlike other stuffed animals. Also, they are genuinely loveable and charming. With a touch on the cat's face, it will snuggle. With a rub on the cat's belly, it will flop over and invite its owner to keep doing it. Pat the back of its head and the cat will purr. Leave it behind for a few minutes and it will gently close its eyes as if it was sleeping. Gently pet along its back while it is in snooze mode and it will wake back up.

Hasbro's robot cats are available in three variants. There is the Creamy White Cat, the Orange Tabby Cat, and the White Mitts Silver Cat. The cat comes with a price tag of $99.99.

Meanwhile, PARO, the robot seal featured in the "Master of None" Netflix series, gives a familiar feel with regards to companion pets. This glassy-eyed robot seal helps people suffering from dementia, Alzheimer's and other cognitive ailments. The difference between the robot cats and PARO is that the robot seal is a registered medical device.

Although both stuffed robot animals are specially designed for the old and sick people, these machines can also be enjoyed by both old and young ones.

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